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Thank you for calling! I am very sorry I missed you, but if you leave a message I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.
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[Character Name] Yuki Giou
[Canon] Betrayal Knows my Name
[Point Taken from Canon] End of Chapter 35

[Age] 15
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Bisexual

[Eye Color]Golden Green
[Hair Color] pinkish brown
[Height] unknown but is second shortest character in the manga
[Other] None
[Clothing] http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_CU3zbHcLYII/S7h452ezlnI/AAAAAAAAFEQ/E09nPh2ZK28/s1600/Yuki+Giou.jpg

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[Player name] Tohma
[Age] 31
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] tohma2004
[Other characters currently played] Mukuro, Subaru, Suboshi, Yue

[Character name] Yuki Giou
[Age] 15
[Canon] Betrayal Knows my Name (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru)
[Point in time taken from canon] end of Chapter 35 of the manga


Yuki is an incredibly kind person. He was orphaned when he was a baby because his mother wanted to protect him for what would be his inevitable future of being "God's Light". He grew up in Asahi Orphanage and helped to look after the younger children who also lived there. He has great compassion and because of his gentle nature all the children and adults love him and always want to be around him.

Yuki is very independent, not wanting to depend on the orphanage or the adults that have helped him as he was growing up. He has a strong will and wants to prove that he is capable of pulling his own weight. He doesn't want to get left alone or abandoned so he tries to help everyone and keep them all very close.

However, Yuki has a very unfortunate ability. When someone is in emotional distress and he touches them, he takes their pain onto himself. He can see their past and feel their pain as if it was his own. This becomes a burden to him when he sees rather personal things and sometimes mentions private matters that he shouldn't know. This has gotten him in trouble with classmates before so he tries to distance himself enough to not make that mistake often. He still tries to be friends with everyone even if they try to distance themselves from him.

Always with a smile, Yuki tries to be upbeat even as things try to tear him down. He's quiet and polite and shoulders the weight of the world as he manages his own feelings as well as dealing with the war that is going on. He tries to stay optimistic for those around him.

Yuki is a member of the Giou clan, and with his ability he is supposed to help the other members in their fight against the Demon King. The clan is made up of pairs known as Zweilts. The Zweilts fight against the Duras (demons) that wish to take over the world. Yuki's best friend, Kanata, is the reincarnation of Reiga..the one that the Zweilts are trying to defeat in a war that has stretched for decades. Yuki was unaware of Reiga's presence until he awakened shortly before the Zweilts came to collect Yuki from the orphanage. It is now with a heavy heart that he finds he has to fight his friend, though he still hopes to convince Kanata to come back with him.

The Zweilts often feel guilty of accepting Yuki's help, because he bears the weight of their pain as he does so. He takes on even physical pain so if the members of his family are injured while battling, it is Yuki's job to help them heal so that they can quickly return to the battlefield. When he heals them he can feel every bit of that pain but Yuki wants to be helpful and wants nothing more then to be useful to his new family so he accepts that burden.

He has a guardian in Luka Crosszeria. Luka is an opast (demon) that loved Yuki in his previous life. All of Yuki's previous reincarnations had been female, but when it was discovered she had chosen to be male in this lifetime the Zweilts determined it was because the fight must be coming to an end. It doesn't matter what form Yuki takes, Luka still loves him. He vowed to protect Yuki no matter where he was. Yuki has no recollection of his previous life so only believed that Luka was protecting him due to a pact that bound him. He soon found out that Luka chose to follow him and since that point the two have grown very close. Yuki now depends on Luka, but also feels that the opast gives him strength to go on. Even if he doesn't remember the feelings of his former life, Yuki cares for Luka and the two would do anything for one another.

Yuki can heal the wounds of the Zweilts by taking the pain for them. By physical touch, he can also see a person's emotional pain and bears it as his own. He creates a light known as "God's Light" and that surrounds the injury and slowly heals and eases the pain of the wounded. However, Duras cannot stand this light and are blinded by it. His special technique is the "Halo Wall," which protects those inside it from harm. However, it seems that he is at his weakest when performing it. The wall takes a great deal of energy to perform and he was asleep for several days the first time he used it. It was also shown that his power can run amok when he is under great emotional stress, and when it does "it dispels all darkness." The light produced by this can instantly kill a demon. Luka is the only exception to this rule, as he is protected by their contract and so none of Yuki's abilities can ever harm him even though he is an opast.

[Other important stuff]

[Sample post]
[First Person]
[The feed clicks on to display a confused teen.] Excuse me? I don't mean to intrude but I somehow seem to have gotten lost. [He offers a smile.]

My name is Yuki Giou and I'm looking for my family. I was just with them..actually I went to bed and woke up in a strange bed and I really hope I didn't sleep walk. I've never done that before and if that is the case, I'm terribly sorry for intruding.

I'll make the bed back the way it should be and take care not to touch anything. [A part of him is worried he was kidnapped by the Duras but he won't let that show.] I'm also very sorry for using your phone but you seem to have left it..ah..

I guess if you left it then you probably aren't seeing this. [A small laugh as he realizes he may have made a mistake.]

Well..forget what I said then. I'll be sure to leave this where I found it as well. I'm sorry for disturbing whomever may see this.

[Third Person]
Yuki pulled the little black cross from his pocket and stared down at it. He had been surprised to find that it had traveled with him. But this wasn't an actual world, was it? A dream..he still had trouble realizing that this was all a dream. And that was why the cross was there. Because it was precious enough to remember even in sleep.

He had intended to give it to Luka just before finding himself here, but he wasn't given the chance. The smooth surface of the protective talisman caught the light, making the black shine. He wondered if he would ever get a good opportunity to give it to him. He would still need protecting on this world as well, wouldn't he? Then again, perhaps he wouldn't want such a silly charm.

With those worries in his head, Yuki turned away from the window and carefully replaced the cross within his pocket. "I shouldn't stand around and sulk. I still have lots to do today!" He scolded himself for his moping and smiled softly as he headed out into the main room from the bedroom. He was still getting settled on this world so he had lots of exploring to do as well as learning about what this place was like. He needed to find a way to wake up but he had already been informed that was impossible. As he thought about that fact a painful sensation struck his heart. He reached up and placed his hand against it and closed his eyes.

"I hope they don't worry too much. I'm sure I'll get to return to them soon." Yuki was the one that was worried. He didn't want the Zweilts going into battle without him there to help them. Even if he couldn't do much, he still wanted to be there to support them. And perhaps someday he'd be strong enough to use his ability more effectively and end the war. He hated to think he might sleep through the entire war.

"Don't fret so much, Yuki. You need to find a way to use useful while you are here. Even if this is a dream, we can't slack off." With a confident nod, he opened his eyes and went to put his shoes on. He was going to find someplace to work so that he could afford to live. He wanted to be useful for someone, even if it wasn't his family. Certainly there was something here that he could do as well. He opened his door and glanced around the room to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything before shutting the door behind him and heading off down the street towards the center of town.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I've wanted a place for Yuki and since Somarium is what i feel is my "home" game, and because I think he would do well in the dream world setting..I thought this might be perfect.
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Be nice to all..I think I say the same thing for every app..
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] Been here for a year almost XD
[Any questions?] Nope


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